103-Year-Old TIME CAPSULE Found Under New York Landmark

103-Year-Old TIME CAPSULE Found Under New York Landmark

Photo: CBS News

Workers in New York discovered a century-old time capsule containing four rare coins and two letters.

According to United Press International, the items were from men who worked on a previous restoration project.

They found the time capsule buried in the concrete floor of the Roslyn Grist Mill installed in 1917.

It contained four rare coins, including an 1863 Civil War money piece and an 1863 Haitian centime.

The half-pint milk bottle also contained two letters, one written in English and one in Italian.

A man who owned a nearby carpentry shop and the person who designed the concrete roof wrote the letters.

To find such a piece of history is just really a treasure,” said Jennifer Lister, a member of the Roslyn Landmark Society.

Over in Belgium, city diggers found the preserved heart of a former mayor of Verviers under a fountain.

According to reports, they uncovered Pierre David’s heart in an ethanol-filled jar during a renovation work in the city.

“I do not know of any other example of a mayor whose heart has been preserved in a monument,” said curator Nathalie Weerts.

The box has since been on display at the Verviers Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics.

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