510-foot Cheesesteak Assembled in Philadelphia, For a Birthday Bash!

510-foot Cheesesteak Assembled in Philadelphia, For a Birthday Bash!

Photo by: NBC10 Philadelphia

If one sees a 510-foot cheesesteak assembled in the street, it must be something extravagant and festive. Festive enough for a birthday celebration, dedicated to a longtime restaurant owner!

On that day, chefs gathered and arranged more than two blocks of tables, which blocked 9th Street in South Philadelphia.

It was mouthwatering because the 510-foot cheesesteak was stuffed with a variety of flavors. Meats and cheese come in hundreds of folds, including pretzel rolls with onions on top, plus a mixture of stout beer and cream cheese.

Different types of cheesesteaks were put together. Ravioli, marinara, and a Spanish cheesesteak, according to Vento.

The idea started when Gen Veto and Rene Kobeitri were chatting at a birthday dinner. According to NBC10, Kobeitri wants a big party this year. He thought of organizing an event that would bring a thousand people together.

Photo by: UPI.com

For the chefs and the restaurant owners, it wasn’t just a spectacle. It was a fun-filled event that people shared during the pandemic.

The original goal was to make 480 feet of compiled cheesesteaks. It looks like they almost hit a world record. “Next one is going to be crazier, get ready baby,”. “I’m going to make it happen!” – says Kobeitri.