72-year-old Grandpa Becomes HIP-HOP Artist

72-year-old Grandpa Becomes HIP-HOP Artist

72-year-old Grandpa Becomes Hip-hop Artist
Photo: Buzzfeed News

Arthur Dubois becomes a hip-hop artist at 72, proving anyone can pursue their passion regardless of age.

Mr. Dubois, a grandfather of two from Chicago, USA, went to a local hip-hop studio last year to present the beats he developed in the past six years.

CBS News reported that Mr. Dubois studied music production while he was required to stay at home per his doctor’s orders.

He then discovered the trap, the sub-genre of hip-hop that became popular from late 1990s to the early 2000s.

He went to the nearby Haven study and asked the owner if he could play some of his music for him. “I was looking for someone to mix, master and arrange music for me,” Mr. Dubois said.

The owner named Andre “Add-2” Daniels runs the local hip-hop studio as a youth mentoring music studio for young adults, who are not in high school, come to learn.

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However, Add-2 was surprised when Mr. Dubois walked into his shop.

Mr. Dubois said he created his beats at home using industry standard tools such as Protools and Mixcraft.

72-year-old Grandpa Becomes Hip-hop Artist
Photo: News Groove UK

Add-2 posted a preview of the old man’s beats on Twitter, which is not with 17,800 likes and 6,800 retweets. People expressed their awe and hope as Mr. Dubois and explored something new at his age.