9 Family Members Die From FOOD POISONING in China

9 Family Members Die From FOOD POISONING in China

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Nine people from the same family have died from food poisoning after eating homemade noodle soup.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail, it reportedly had been kept in a freezer for a year.

The culprit? A meal, called Suan Tang Zi, a thick noodle dish made from fermented corn flour.

Medical reports stated that doctors declared as dead immediately while the eighth others died two days later.

The family living in north-eastern Chinese province Heilongjiang ate the regional delicacy during the morning food meeting.

The Chinese Health Commission, for its part, urged citizens to avoid making or eating food from fermented flour.

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Also in China, a court recently sentenced a kindergarten teacher to death for poisoning 25 children, one of whom died.

According to reports, Wang Yun put sodium nitrite in the food of her colleague’s students after arguing with her.

Authorities said Wang had a fallout with the fellow teacher, known by her surname Sun, over student management issues.

After eating their morning porridge, 23 children then began vomiting. School officials immediately rushed them to the hospital.

One child died earlier this year after spending 10 months in hospital while another 23 suffered minor injuries.

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