A Batman and Joker Crossover Film could be in the Works

A Batman and Joker Crossover Film could be in the Works

A Batman and Joker crossover film could be in the works, reports say.

It’s no secret that DC hopes to reboot its superhero line of movies. Evidently, after a successive string of poor releases (read: Suicide Squad, Justice League), folks at DC needed to rethink their strategies.

As the new Joker film looks to correct previous mistakes, talks of a crossover film between it and the new Batman have materialized. It’s assumed that the new Joker movie could serve as a starting point to launch a new Gotham inspired story arc. Additionally, Robert Pattinson’s casting as Batman seems to complement Joaquin Phoenix’s casting.

In one of his interviews, Robert Pattinson apparently slipped some hints on the possible crossover. Despite giving a hammer down “oh” remark, this prompted fans to believe that the idea does not really sound bad at all. However, the main issue they could face in connecting the two movies would be the timelines. According to reports, the ’80s would serve as Joker’s backdrop, while Pattinson’s Batman’s set at the present time. Should this occur, the Twilight star might be facing an older Joker.

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Despite the seemingly problematic timeline, we can all agree that we haven’t seen the script yet. Hence, these are theoretical. However, the timing of a crossover could not be more perfect. According to The Batman Director Matt Reeves, the script for the reboot has finally been completed and they are set to begin filming soon.

So, what do you think? Could a Robert Pattinson and Joaquin Phoenix crossover work out? For us, we’re very excited to know more about this project!