A Mom Was Surprised in What She Saw on The Ceiling

A Mom Was Surprised in What She Saw on The Ceiling

A mom of five children from Rock Hill, South Carolina had lived alone and raised her children by herself. She always had fears of a break-in.

That’s why she’s always make sure that all the doors were locked. But in 2012, she heard some strange noises coming from the attic.

At first, she didn’t think that the “strange noises coming from the attic” are just coincidence. She then noticed that the noises move from one room to another.

One night after putting the kids to sleep she looked up and noticed that the nails began popping out of the ceiling one-by-one. Tracy immediately called her adult sons and nephew to check out the attic.

a mom was surprised in what she saw in the attic

They thought they would find a possum or a raccoon (which is common to their neighborhood). But what they discovered was even more terrifying than any of them could imagine.

They climbed up the dark attic stairs and turned their flashlights on, then they found a man sleeping next to the heating unit!


After further investigation, they realized that the man was their mother’s ex-boyfriend and he had been living there for two weeks! So, they asked him on how did he get up here?

Tracy called 911 immediately and barricaded the attic door. It turns out that the man had done some housework for the family and the two (mom and the guy) even dated 12 years ago.

It was later found that the man had entered through the front door before entering the attic!

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