A Toddler Died on an Escalator Accident at the Airport

A Toddler Died on an Escalator Accident at the Airport

A toddler died when caught in an airport escalator and fell to his death. A woman in Charlotte is now facing abuse charges in connection with a 3-year-old son’s death. The child died inside Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

On Tuesday, three warrants for misdemeanor child abuse issued for Jiterria Lightner, age 25. Said officer Blake Page with Charlotte Mecklenburg Police.

A toddler died in an airport escalator accident
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A toddler died: the story behind the accident

Lightner’s Son, Jaiden Cowart, died from his injuries sustained after falling in an airport stairway near the baggage claim area, September 25.

WSOC reports that the family was returning from a trip to Florida. Jaden got caught up in the handrail of the escalator, pulled up and fell, rushing him to the hospital but later died. This was according to WSOC.

In a statement, Micheal Greene, the attorney for Lightner said her client is a loving mother shocked and devastated by the decision made by the police.

Greene said,

CMPD formerly called this case an accident and are now saying it was a crime. We intend to fight these allegations and look forward to the entire story told.

“She was caring for a 4-, 3- and 2-year-old and trying to arrange a ride back from the airport,” Greene told WSOC. “I’m here saying that she’s not guilty of misdemeanor child abuse.”

Charlotte Douglas International Airport issued this statement.

Our thoughts are with the family during this very difficult time. We are extremely grateful for the quick response of our emergency crews and law enforcement officers and for the medical assistance and care they provided. The escalator where the incident occurred was inspected by the N.C. Department of Labor, found to be in proper working order, and released back in service the following day. We are committed to and constantly reviewing safety and risk. We review any and all recommendations and take appropriate measures.