Apple Finally Unveils New iPhone 11s

Apple Finally Unveils New iPhone 11s

In a stunning yet subtle move, Apple released their newest line of iPhone products this week. During Apple’s traditional September event, the company also launched new versions of its Watch, iPad and TV products.

However, the release of the 11 made this year’s September spectacle extra special. Expectedly, fans and critics alike looked forward to seeing how the new iPhone would be different from its predecessor. As noted in previous reports, the iPhone X line of products was so bad that Apple went as far as phasing them out even before unveiling a new phone. Fortunately, the new iPhone somehow distanced itself from the iPhone X line.

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Probably one of the major differences of the iPhone 11 from the X is the additional camera lens. Apparently, iPhone 11 now features 3 rear camera lenses for greater shooting opportunities and clearer images. Subsequently, it’s ultra-wide-angle camera mode speaks a lot for its performance, at least based on initial reviews. Additionally, the new iPhone operates on the latest iOS 13 system of Apple and gets powered up by the A13 Bionic Chip. Notably, Apple claims that the A13 chip figures as the fastest chip to ever be placed in any smart phone. Definitely we can put it to the test.

But what about Apple batteries and sales?

Although, one of the major criticisms that have hounded Apple and its products is the battery life and capability. Compared to other smartphone brands Samsung, and Huawei, Apple’s battery life just simply sucks (no pun intended). However, according to reports the new iPhone line’s battery has been updated and now adds at least five hours of battery life for further consumption. Fans can only hope for this to be true.

Over the past years, Apple has faced a lot of criticism over its lack of innovation and creativity. Accordingly, its main rivals have kept on pushing innovative products and services. As such, Apple sales have figured dismally. At this point, the company can only hope that the Apple faithful would troop back and purchase the new line.

The price starts at $699.