APPLE Watch from 1995 with Wacky design is Now a Rare Collectible

APPLE Watch from 1995 with Wacky design is Now a Rare Collectible

Photo: Bloomberg

Before the Apple smartwatch, the tech giant released a primarily forgotten relic of a wacky wristwatch two decades earlier. 

The analog watch has stainless steel casing and a blue bezel. Its design looks like a Chrono-pusher in a vintage red-yellow-green hue. 

In the 1990s, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was in a tight spot. For many years, the company endured an innovation crisis as rival technologies arrive on the scene.

For instance, Microsoft began working on Windows, causing Apple to lose its market share.

The company tried to release Macintosh System 7 in 1991, but it was expensive against its competitors.

This new operating system was the first technology to use CDs instead of floppy disks.

Macintosh System 7 offered newer features, including “one-stop access to email, faxing and the Internet.”

However, Apple’s new OS came with a hefty price – it costs $134.99.

If you purchased a new Mac computer, the OS would come as a freebie. Meanwhile, if you were upgrading your computer, you had to pay up.

Apple realized that its pricing was too high. Therefore, they decided to bundle their new product with other accessories.

If you bought the system, you would get two items for free.

One is a software called Conflict Catcher 3 (an app that helps address issues on Macintosh). The other is their iconic, impressionistic-style watch.

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