Astronaut Accidentally Dials 911

Astronaut Accidentally Dials 911

Astronaut Accidentally Dials 911
Photo: New York Daily News

Even astronauts who are currently on a mission have to be careful when dialing 911.

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Dutch astronaut André Kuipers shared he accidentally called for emergency services while he was on one of his expeditions in 2012 causing panic from Earth.

Mr. Kuipers said he tried to make a phone calls route through International Space Station (ISS) communication systems in US. He had to dial 9 for an outside line, then 011 for an international line. However, he missed zero.

His accidental mistake caused massive alarm in the NASA headquarters in Houston. A report said NASA security raced to the room where the call was dispatched; however, the phone call was empty.

He was orbiting the Earth when he was making a phone call.

The 60-year-old astronaut said he only realized his mistake when he received an e-mail the next day: “Did you call 911?”

Astronaut Accidentally Dials 911

Mr. Kuipers is a physician who spent more than 200 days in space for two missions. He last stint ended in 2012.

NASA mission control director Wayne Hale said ISS astronauts can make phone calls to anyone on Earth, including 911.

Calls worked 70% of the time, Mr. Kuiper said, but there are always huge time delays.