Aussie Blogger Shows Off White Chocolate Version of NUTELLA

Aussie Blogger Shows Off White Chocolate Version of NUTELLA

Photo: Instagram

An Australian blogger has showed off his white chocolate version of Nutella. Unfortunately, it is not something you can just buy in shops.

According to The Daily Mirror, the post of Instagram user Bruce Super has sent his followers into a frenzy.

The blogger explained that another user, known as The Snack Controller, replicated the iconic logo to feature white spread.

“This one has a white, slightly golden, color. And even look at the toast in the picture, it has a white spread,” Bruce said.

One person replied: “It’s not a want Bruce it’s a NEED,” while another said: “This is some true love s**t right here.”

Photo: Instagram

Some other users claimed the white chocolate version of Nutella was available to purchase in Italy as Nutella Bianca.

Ferrero, an Italian company, makes the sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread. The firm is the third largest chocolate producer in the world.

Baker Pietro Ferrero discovered it during World War II. He added ground hazelnuts to a chocolate spread to make up for a shortage of cocoa.

Accordingly, people around the world now consume Nutella as it continues to become a popular spread.

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