Authorities Find Hatched Dove EGGS on Police Mobile

Authorities Find Hatched Dove EGGS on Police Mobile

Photo: Google Images

A dove has chosen to put a nest and hatched a pair of eggs on a police sports utility vehicle in Texas, United States.

According to news agency United Press International, the vehicle has been declared out of service temporarily.

The Carrollton Police Department said an officer discovered a mother dove had built a nest while on the road.

Although the eggs now have hatched, the department has decided not to use the SUV until the babies leave the nest.

“We are not really sure exactly when they were born because momma keeps hiding them,” Jolene DeVito said.

DeVito, who serves as the spokesperson of the Carrollton Police Department, faced the media.

A bird passing by overhead a truck in North Carolina, United States dropped a fish onto the vehicle’s windshield.

According to various news reports posted on social media, a dashboard camera captured the unusual event.

In the said video, a bird shows up traveling the opposite direction along the Charlotte highway with a fish in its talons.

The bird then drops the said fish, which smacks against the truck’s windshield, leaving a wet spot in its wake.

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