Authorities Recover LIZARDS Stolen From Reptile Store

Authorities Recover LIZARDS Stolen From Reptile Store

Photo: AP

Police officers in Long Beach have arrested two suspects of the lost pair of unique lizards.

According to news agency Associated Press, the culprits stole them from a reptile shop last year.

The two Australian lace monitor lizards lizards, which can grow to be more than 6 feet have a value of $75,000.

Officers said three people entered the store, broke into the cages and escaped to a waiting car.

They tracked the lizards to a Panorama City house of Jose Luis Macias Jr. and Kassandra Marie Duenas.

Prison authorities eventually released the two suspects after posting bail at $50,000 each.

Photo: AP

Over in San Francisco, officials rewarded a 5-year-old boy for helping recapture an endangered lemur.

Various media accounts said they have already arrested the suspect in stealing the animal.

The kid, named James Trinh, exclaimed, “There’s a lemur! There’s a lemur!” after leaving his pre school.

Cynthia Huang, director of the Hope Lutheran Day School, expressed skepticism to the child at first.

“I thought, Are you sure it’s not a raccoon?” Huang said.

The lemur scurried from the parking lot into the school’s playground and took refuge in a miniature play house.

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