Authorities Rescue DOG Stuck in Truck’s Undercarriage

Authorities Rescue DOG Stuck in Truck’s Undercarriage

Photo: UPI

A German shepherd in Texas, United States climbed into the undercarriage of a truck and stuck.

According to news agency United Press International, police, firefighters and animal control officers immediately responded.

Cops said the dog, named Booger, apparently became spooked by overnight storms and sought shelter.

The owner, Roger Grimes, told authorities he found the canine’s tail sticking out from under the pickup truck.

The responders removed the front driveshaft and sway bar from under the truck’s undercarriage.

An animal control officer, meanwhile, sedated Booger because the frightened dog attempted to bite his rescuers.

Meanwhile, authorities in Massachusetts successfully freed a dog stuck in the middle of an old tire.

According to various news reports posted online, the rescued animal has a name Bella.

Falmouth Animal Control said animal control officers and firefighters then responded to the scene immediately.

“Once on scene, initial attempts to free Bella from the tire were unsuccessful,” Falmouth Animal Control said in a statement.

They then decided to call Falmouth Fire Rescue for assistance who decided to cut the tire to save the dog.

The firefighters carefully sawed through the metal rim of the tire and set Bella free eventually.

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