Authorities Rescue DOG Trapped From Drainage Pipe

Authorities Rescue DOG Trapped From Drainage Pipe

St. John County Fire Rescue

Rescue workers in Florida, United States successfully freed a dog from a drainage pipe.

According to news agency United Press International, the trapped animal suffered from impaired sight and hearing.

St. John County Fire Rescue said the dog mistakenly got out of the house and went missing.

“They located him inside the pipe and called for help,” the department explained on Facebook.

Personnel responded to the scene and worked for about two hours to free the dog stuck in the center of the pipe.

“He was scared and tired but not injured. He was happy to be reunited with his family!” the department added.

Meanwhile, animal rescuers found a missing dog 100 miles away from his home in Sioux City after 23 days.

According to various news reports online, several failed attempts at apprehension caused the canine to flee.

The Nebraska Humane Society shared that the dog, named Ivy, would flee whenever people tried to approach her.

“Each time another person calls out to it, it freaks her out a little bit more,” said Cathy Eaton, the founder of Lost Pets.

An Omaha resident eventually spotted Ivy wandering near their home and then contacted the Nebraska Humane Society.

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