Authorities Rescue SQUIRREL Trapped Inside Metal Pole

Authorities Rescue SQUIRREL Trapped Inside Metal Pole

Photo: UPI

Police officers in Pennsylvania, United States rescued a squirrel found trapped inside a metal pole.

According to news agency United Press International, someone called them to respond to the incident.

Based on the situation, the squirrel apparently fell into the open top of the metal pole.

The Lititz Borough Police Department took to social media platform Facebook to share a footage of the rescue operation.

In the video, officers use a small ladder to get above the pole and reach in with a smaller pole to free the squirrel.

The animal then climbs the offered escape route and darts up the wooden utility pole with such speed.

Earlier this month, a group of firefighters in Texas successfully rescued a squirrel in distress.

According to various news reports online, a resident called 911 for immediate assistance.

The caller reported a squirrel stuck his head in a tree’s knothole, trapping himself for some time.

In a Facebook post, the Austin Fire Department said it found himself with his front half stuck inside the tree.

“This is not an April Fools’ Day joke,” the department said then shared a video of the rescue operation.

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