Authorities Seize SEAL Along Busy New Zealand Highway

Authorities Seize SEAL Along Busy New Zealand Highway

Photo: Google Images

A wandering seal randomly made its way into one of the busy roads in New Zealand.

According to news agency United Press International, morning commuters had to avoid an unusual traffic hazard.

The Southern Police District deployed personnel to Portobello Road, in The Cove area of Dunedin.

A spokeswoman said officers arrived to find the seal taking up position in the bicycle lane at the side of the road.

The seal attracted a crowd of onlookers who helped direct cyclists around the animal in their path.

A video shows the animal appears to be a New Zealand fur seal, although police have yet to confirm the species.

Meanwhile, residents of a neighborhood in California discovered a a flock of dozens of sheep.

According to various news reports online, the animals wander loose in the streets.

Jelisa Silvaa captured a video of the massive flock of sheep parading through the streets of her Coalinga neighborhood.

Other residents then said the sheep spread out on three separate streets in the Sandlewood area.

Police and animal control in California, United States responded to the scene in an attempt to capture the animals.

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