Baby Forced by Parents to Go on DIET Suffers Serious Brain Damage

Baby Forced by Parents to Go on DIET Suffers Serious Brain Damage

Baby Forced by Parents to Go on Diet Suffers Serious Brain Damage
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A baby has suffered permanent brain damage after her parents placed her on a plant-based diet.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror, the County Court of Victoria ordered them both to serve 12-month community corrections.

The court also ruled that the two need to undertake mental health treatment.

Prior to the decision, doctors diagnosed the one-year-old girl with cerebral palsy due to malnutrition.

The unnamed guardians reportedly fed her with a homemade formula out of coconut water and powders since 2017.

When medics told them about the inappropriate diet, they turned to alternative medicine websites and skipped medical appointments.

Photo: Getty Images

According to court documents, the baby weighed just 6.040 kg or 13 lbs when she ended in intensive care for a month.

The couple has since split up before the case went to court.

Meanwhile, the girl, who is now three, lives with her mother, who shows a “commitment and devotion” to her daughter.

She now engages with healthcare professionals to make sure that her daughter is healthy.

If either parent breaches the community corrections order or the conditions, authorities would haul them back in court for a re-sentence.

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