Bakery Mocked Online Over FAILED Frozen Elsa Cake

Bakery Mocked Online Over FAILED Frozen Elsa Cake

Photo: The Daily Mirror

A Frozen-themed birthday cake has gone viral across various platforms on social media for all the wrong reasons.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror, it was supposed to resemble one of the main characters, Elsa.

The baker decided to add graphic lines in a darker skin color and a red circle on the cheek to make it look 3D.

A photo of it left people online shocked after emerging on Cake Wreck, a site that shares the worst baking fails.

One person said: “Looks like a horse…” While another user wrote: “It looks like someone put makeup on a baboon.”

A third also added: “Somebody thought that was good enough to stick a label on and put up for sale.”

Another cake previously made rounds on social media earlier this year as it divided netizens on what it really meant.

The custom cake shows a bride in her wedding gown pulling her husband-to-be away with a hunting rifle tucked under her arm.

“The hunt is over,” reads the sign on the front of it.

People on Reddit, where the photo surfaced, were quick to express their own interpretations.

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