Barbers in New York, U.S. May Now WORK on Sundays

Barbers in New York, U.S. May Now WORK on Sundays

Photo: UPI

New York, U.S. has passed a legislation getting rid of an “archaic” law that banned barbers from working on Sundays.

According to news agency United Press International, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the law takes effect immediately.

“An archaic law that made it a misdemeanor to cut hair on Sundays has been shaved from the books,” Cuomo said.

Several barbers working in the state said they had no idea that such a law was in effect.

“I had no idea it was ever a law, but I’m glad we never broke it,” Connie Johnston of The Sportsman’s Barber Shop said.

Republican state Sen. Joe Griffo introduced the measure to repeal the law.

Meanwhile, a lawmaker representing Massachusetts has unveiled plans to designate an official state dinosaur.

According to various news reports online, Rep. Jack Lewis is now asking the public help to choose the dinosaur.

Residents have to select between podokesaurus holyokensis and anchisaurus polyzelus.

Lewis, in a tweet, said he plans to officially file the proposed legislation before Congress eventually.

The lawmaker then explained that the effort is a good way for children to learn about the legislative process.

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