Beetle’s ARMOR Can Create Stronger Buildings, Experts Claim

Beetle’s ARMOR Can Create Stronger Buildings, Experts Claim

Photo: AP News

Scientists have launched a study into the role of beetle’s crush-resistant armor in stronger planes and buildings.

According to online site Huff Post, the insect can withstand bird pecks, animal stomps and even being rolled over by a car.

The team of Pablo Zavattieri, an engineer at Purdue University, said the beetle’s armor has perfectly layered elements.

Thus, they believed that its unusual composition could help inspire more durable structures and vehicles.

Researchers used electron microscopes and CT scans to examine its exoskeleton and figure out what made it so strong.

They found out that the species’ elytra, a protective case that normally sheaths wings, had strengthened over time.

“When you pull them apart, it doesn’t break catastrophically. It just deforms a little bit,” Zavattieri said.

He added that it could be useful for engineers who use a variety of materials, such as steel, plastic and plaster.

“We’re trying to go beyond what nature has done,” said study co-author David Kisailus, a materials scientist and engineer.

The beetle study is part of an $8 million project the U.S. Air Force rolled out to explore impact-resistant materials.

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