Birthday Celebrant Wins Over $124K Keno Lottery JACKPOT

Birthday Celebrant Wins Over $124K Keno Lottery JACKPOT

Photo: UPI

A lottery player from Kansas, United States scored a $124,600 Keno jackpot while celebrating his birthday.

According to news agency United Press International, the Cherokee County resident wanted to remain anonymous.

He went out celebrating his birthday at VFW 1372 in Columbus when he decided to play a few rounds of Keno.

“I had been playing for a bit that day and decided to grab some Quick Pick numbers on my way out,” he sain an interview.

The player then checked his tickets later in the evening and discovered he just won $124,600.

“Sure enough, I calculated I had won around $120,000! I even called the Lottery ahead of time,” the winner recalled.

Meanwhile, a man from Michigan drove away from the gas station with the pump still hanging out of his tank.

According to various news reports online, he just won a $1 million jackpot from scratch-off lottery.

The 59-year-old player bought a Winning Millions ticket from the Speedway station in Fenton.

He then decided to scratch it off while filling his car with fuel at a gas station.

“When I saw I matched the number 14 and then revealed the $1 million amount underneath, I started yelling,” he said.

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