Body Copes When “Pigging Out” on Pizza, Other Fatty Treats

Body Copes When “Pigging Out” on Pizza, Other Fatty Treats

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A recent study shows that a human’s body copes “remarkably well” when pigging out on pizza and other high-calorie fatty treats.

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According to the UPI report, no health issues will occur for healthy people who occasionally overindulge on fatty food.

Researchers from the University of Bath looked into 14 men and asked them to eat pizza until they felt comfortably full or “could not eat another bite.”

People pigging out consume nearly twice as many calories. Nevertheless, their blood sugar and fat levels remained surprisingly stable.

Humans assume overindulging with food may lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

But lead author Aaron Hengist said the study shows the body actually copes remarkably well when faced with a massive and sudden calorie excess. Further, he said healthy humans can deal effectively with this huge initial energy surplus.

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Results show that blood-sugar lowering hormone insulin was 50% as men overeat. However, glucose levels were the same between the two experiments.

The recently published study becomes more relevant as the British government tackles increasing obesity in England. The government even banned “buy one get one free deal” on unhealthy food and adding calorie counts to menus.

Researchers said no previous research had measured the maximal capacity for eating at a single meal. This may help people understand how the human body responds to that challenge.