Boy Nabs Record for Bouncing SOAP BUBBLE 290 Times

Boy Nabs Record for Bouncing SOAP BUBBLE 290 Times

Photo: Twitter

A student in Taiwan has nabbed a world record for bouncing a soap bubble 290 times on his hand.

According to United Press International, the Guinness Book of World Records tweeted a video showing the official attempt.

Chang Yu-Te of Taoyuan said he became interested in bubble performance after seeing a video online.

It shows someone else attempting the record. After that, he started to practice repeatedly for his own attempt to break the record.

Yu-Te completed 290 consecutive bounces with a single soap bubble, enough to capture the world record.

Meanwhile, a man in Italy recaptured his ice cream-related world record on a television special.

Various reports online stated that Dimitri Panciera puts 125 scoops of ice cream on a single cone.

Panciera originally captured the record in 2013, when he balanced 85 scoops of ice cream on one cone.

But a certain Ashrita Furman challenged him, upping the ante with 123 scoops.

Panciera, however, recaptured his record during filming of La Notte dei Record, a Guinness TV special in Italy.

The ice cream was then served by the spoonful to the special’s studio audience.

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