Britain to Ban HUAWEI 5G Kit by 2027

Britain to Ban HUAWEI 5G Kit by 2027

Britain to Ban HUAWEI 5G Kit by 2027
Photo: BBC

Mobile providers of the United Kingdom are banned to buy new Huawei 5G equipment until December 31 this year. Further, all 5G kits must be completely removed from the networks by 2027.

Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden said this follows sanctions imposed by Washington. The US claims the firm a national security threat, according to BBC.

The government in January decided it will allow service providers to use Huawei for up to 35% of their networks.

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But in early July, he told the House of Commons that “can no longer be confident it will be able to guarantee the security of future Huawei 5G equipment.”

The Secretary said the supply ban will delay the UK’s 5G rollout this year.

5G enables faster internet speed and supports more wireless devices. This will result in higher quality video streams and can even power up driverless cars in the future.

Britain to Ban HUAWEI 5G Kit by 2027
Photo: NHK

Further, Mr. Down said the Huawei ban would cost about £2bn, and a total delay to 5G rollout of “two to three years.”

“This has not been an easy decision, but it is the right one for the UK telecoms networks, for our national security and our economy, both now and indeed in the long run,” he told BBC.

Meanwhile, Huawei said Britain’s decision will push the country into the digital slow lane, push bills, and deepen digital divide.

China’s ambassador to the UK said the decision was “disappointing and wrong.”