Brooklyn Nets Unveils New Basketball Court

Brooklyn Nets Unveils New Basketball Court

Things are starting to heat up for the Brooklyn Nets!

After signing on two super starts, the team’s arena gets a massive makeover. In a media briefing earlier this week, the Brooklyn Nets presented their new sleeves and court design to the public.

Accordingly, this is the first full redesign for the team since it transferred to the Barclays Center in 2012. Moreover, the upgrade comes at a time when the Nets finally figure to be one of the contenders in the Eastern Conference. In particular, the Brooklyn Nets had one of the biggest offseasons this year. Notably, the Nets have signed on powerhouse all-stars in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant over the summer.

In an official Twitter post, the Brooklyn Nets formally unveiled their new designs.

According to an NBA report:

The colors of the floor, weathered wood and concrete gray, represent the numerous playground courts found throughout the borough. The brownstone-lined streets and Brooklyn’s industrial foundation. (while) The palette engrains the grit and determination of the borough into the team’s playing surface. 

Additionally, the new redesign of the Nets’ court figures as the first gray basketball court in the NBA.

Brooklyn Nets are all in

Compared to other teams in the East, the Nets seem to be totally locked in to win it all this season. Their “win now” mentality extends beyond the roster to the logistics, the courts, the designs, and everything.

Evidently, things are expected to heat up this side of town. With Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant leading the Nets charge, and DeAndre Jordan manning the paint, they’re poised to challenge the Raptors and the Bucks for the Eastern Conference title next year.

The 2019-2020 NBA season tips off in the last week of October. And will run until June of next year.