Burger King holds A Day Without Whopper to help McDonald’s

Burger King holds A Day Without Whopper to help McDonald’s

For one day a year, Burger King reneges on its competition and actually encourages its customers to head to McDonald’s. Despite the heated rivalry between these two fast-food giants, the one-day armistice actually works for a good cause.

For one day a year, McDonald’s sales from Big Macs and other premium burgers go to its charity fund for cancer patients. Dubbed McHappy Day, $2 from every McDonald’s purchase go to their Children With Cancer campaign. And this stalling of competition actually works well for both markets.

Burger King shops in Argentina worked closely with McDonald’s

All across Argentina, Burger Kings actually and literally removed their Whoppers from the menu. Additionally, Burger King establishments even encouraged their customers to get a Big Mac at a McDonald’s instead. More so, the chain’s mascot, The Burger King himself even went to a McDonald’s to meet with Ronald McDonald as a show of support.

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In reality, however, this campaign didn’t really hurt Burger King’s sales for the day. For instance, people who came to one of their shops who happened to want a Whopper simply ordered another item. Subsequently, marketing analysts believe as well that this marketing stunt actually improves the sales of Whoppers. Essentially, putting it out of the menu makes people crave for it more.

However, the idea of cooperation for a good and noble cause actually worked wonders for the fast-food chains.

The fast-food battle between these two giants has gone on for a number of decades. McDonald’s, globally known as the largest and most comprehensive fast-food chain, has always led the race. Consequently, the King has always been running a second. This has led the latter to troll McDonald’s on social media, and other public outings. However, Burger King would need to do a lot more to topple an already established joint if it wants to be the king of the fast-food chain.