California Authorities Rescue DOG From Drain Pipe

California Authorities Rescue DOG From Drain Pipe

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Authorities in California, United States rescued a large dog that became stuck in a small drain pipe.

According to news agency United Press International, emergency responders and municipal workers joined forces.

Tuolumne County Animal Control said they received a report of an animal trapped in a drain pipe.

Officers then went to the area and found a large pit bull wedged in the small pipe.

The Tuolumne Fire Department, Tuolumne Parks and Rec and Tuolumne City Sanitary District helped eventually.

Animal control shared a video of the dog “appreciating their bath” after they brought it back to the ground.

Meanwhile, firefighters in Massachusetts rescued a dog that fell into an underground animal burrow.

According to various news reports posted online, the animal ended up trapped overnight.

The Plymouth Fire Department said crews from West Plymouth Station responded to the scene.

“[T]he burrow had a 3- to 4-foot tunnel entrance that led to a large cavity,” the fire department said.

The firefighters, who could hear it making noises, then attempted to dig into the burrow using their hands.

After they called it off, crews returned the next morning and successfully pulling out the dog.

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