Can You Spot the Camouflaged SNIPER in This Viral Photo?

Can You Spot the Camouflaged SNIPER in This Viral Photo?

Photo: The Daily Mirror

A photo of an actual sniper hidden in the forest has left people scratching their heads as they struggle to locate him.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror, the soldier is a member of the British Army’s Special Reconnaissance Regiment.

The picture shows a forest cliff and a number of trees, some of which have entwined themselves through the stone.

Plenty of moss and foliage also sit amongst them, making it almost impossible for anyone to be able to point out the sniper.

“In this picture, an operator is using his uniform to effectively disappear,” a military source said.

Have you managed to find him yet?

Over in Germany, an artist paints nude female models to conceal them in various environments.

Online sites described the works of Jörg Düsterwald as similar to trying to solve a “Where’s Wally’s” puzzle.

His models blend so well into the background that you actually have to struggle to spot them.

Düsterwald has been producing body art projects for advertising and TV marketing campaigns for the last 25 years.

The camouflage artist paints her models then places them against a number of backdrops.

Next, he adds the final details to help them better blend into the background and then goes the photoshoot.

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