Canadian Man Breaks Skate Boarding World RECORD

Canadian Man Breaks Skate Boarding World RECORD

Photo: UPI

A man from Canada strapped on his in-line skates and rolled more than 6,200 miles across the country.

According to news agency United Press International, he did it to raise awareness of bee conservation.

But Zach Choboter also broke a Guinness World Record after traveling a total distance of 6,271.5 miles.

Choboter began skating May 25 in Whistler, British Columbia, and arrived Monday in St. Johns, Newfoundland.

He said his cross-country “Blading for Bees” journey aimed to raise awareness of climate change.

The current record for longest distance covered on roller/in-line skates stands at 5,341.3 miles.

Meanwhile, a Russian ballerina performed on the frozen waters of the Gulf of Finland to deliver an artful protest.

The woman, named Ilmira Bagautdinova, protested against a construction project.

Locals in the area said the business initiative has since threatened a unique natural habitat.

Bagautdinova filmed herself as she performed arabesques and plies on the frozen waters of Batareinaya Bay.

The Mariinsky Theatre dancer then posted the video online, adding music from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

“This is a unique natural and historical place where swans nest in the spring,” the ballerina shared in an interview.

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