Caught on Camera: OSTRICH Goes Wild Along Roads in Pakistan

Caught on Camera: OSTRICH Goes Wild Along Roads in Pakistan

Photo: UPI

An ostrich went wild and run loose on the middle of a busy road in Karachi City, Pakistan.

According to news agency United Press International, the animal escaped from a private park.

Witnesses took their cameras out to capture the unusual sighting involving a giant, flightless bird.

Police officers said it escpaed due to panick when water flowed into its enclosure at the park.

Accordingly, park employees have safely recaptured the ostrich and returned it to the facility.

Earlier this year, locals in the village of the Philippines’s capital encountered a strange violator of lockdown.

There were two ostriches on the loose along subdivision roads, with one of them being chased by a goat.

A witness was walking down the street in one of the villages in Quezon City to buy from a nearby store.

He recounted that a sighting involving an ostrich running to chase a car then surprised him.

Another resident recorded a video of the bird running toward a subdivision gate then going back inside.

In Filipino, the security shouted at the bird “You don’t have an ID, you can’t leave.”

The ostrich then turned around for a few meters and headed back again to the gate.

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