Chef Nabs World Record for Using 254 KINDS of CHEESE on Pizza

Chef Nabs World Record for Using 254 KINDS of CHEESE on Pizza

Photo: Guinness World Record

An extraordinary pizza cooked in France has nabbed a Guinness World Record for containing over 200 varieties of cheese.

According to United Press International, French chef Benoit Bruel combined a total of 254 cheeses to top his pizza.

In a video, Bruel weighs out the portions of cheese properly to make sure there was enough of each variety.

The record-holder told Guinness officials that he thought it was important for him to receive the award in France.

In fact, nations across the globe consider cheese as one of France’s most prized contributions to gastronomy.

Recently, a new food argument, this time about the way how to properly eat pizzas, has emerged on social media.

According to various reports online, a customer had avoided eating the crust of the pizza at all.

Honest Crust Sourdough Pizza, in Altrincham, Manchester, took to social media to share a picture of the finished or unfinished dish.

The unknown customer’s decision to leave the crust behind has left a number of people outraged.

Someone said: “This customer is a monster,” while another agreed, replying: “Just wrong on every possible level. What sort of freak does this?”

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