Chef’s Secret in Making ‘Perfect’ BLT Sandwich Sparks Online Debate

Chef’s Secret in Making ‘Perfect’ BLT Sandwich Sparks Online Debate

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A chef has revealed his controversial secret in making a perfect bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror, David Chang claimed that the tomatoes you use play a huge part. He is the founder of Momofuku noodle bar in New York City,

In a post on social media, Chang wrote: “I adore summer tomato season but think BLTs taste better with s***ty hothouse tomatoes than perfectly ripe summer ones.”

He explained that they are less juicy, have the right acidity and texturally better in relation to iceberg lettuce and crisp bacon.

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Apart from this, the chef also advised people to not use avocado as an ingredient of BLT sandwich.

Although his post has been deleted, his remarks sparked debate among netizens. Majority of them disagreed with his comments on tomatoes.

One person replied: “For a generic mass produced diner BLT sure, but it’s possible to make a gourmet BLT with good tomatoes.”

“One of the few things I have to disagree with you on,” another wrote.

Someone else even described his statement as “blasphemous.”

The chef recently discussed BLTs on his podcast The Dave Chang show.

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