Cleaner Ends Up Cleaning WRONG House in New Jersey

Cleaner Ends Up Cleaning WRONG House in New Jersey

Photo: UPI

A man from New Jersey, United States, who cleans homes to supplement his income went to the wrong townhouse.

According to news agency United Press International, he left the wrong house spotless.

Louis Angelino III took to video-sharing application TikTok to share his unusually funny story.

Angelino said he arrived to find the key in the expected place under the doormat.

He spent over two hours cleaning the townhouse when the client called to ask if he already cleaned his home.

“I said ‘I’m literally in your living room playing with your cats and he was like ‘I don’t have any cats,'” Angelino said.

He eventually realized that he wrote down the address of the house in New Jersey incorrectly.

Over in England, a dead body had to be exhumed nine days after he was buried by the wrong family.

The mix-up happened when undertakers arrived at a hospital mortuary to collect Jimmy McDonald, a former headmaster.

But they ended up taking a certain John Hetford, who had died two days earlier due to an unidentified reason.

Mourners laid Hetford to rest at St. Mary’s Church near Carlisle, Cumbria in England.

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