Colorful ‘Candy Land House’ Now for SALE in Chicago

Colorful ‘Candy Land House’ Now for SALE in Chicago

Photo: UPI

A pastel-colored Chicago home popularly known as the “Candy Land House” goes for sale.

According to news agency United Press International, real estate agent compared it to a life-sized “Barbie’s dream home.”

“The whole house is pastel-colored and glitter from head to toe,” Kathy Schrage, Redfin real estate agent said.

Owner Jackie Seiden and her husband, Don, remodeled the house into a pastel work of art.

Jackie said the pastel colors she started using inside the house soon spread to the exterior.

Schrage said Seiden would prefer to sell the home to someone who would keep the house’s unique elements.

But the market will ultimately decide with $600,000 as the current asking price sale for the house.

You may also now buy a five-bedroom, three-bathroom multifamily home that comes with unusual occupants in California.

According to various news reports online, several mannequins and statues will welcome the new owner.

The house, located along Primrose Road in South Lake Tahoe, California, has been listed online for $650,000.

Realtor Jesse Yohnka of the Deb Howard & Company, a premiere Lake Tahoe real estate agency, represents the listing.

“With a little love, this duplex has great income property potential… Property to sold as-is,” it reads.

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