Company to Tap Baker With ‘Wacky’ COOKIE Recipes for Holidays

Company to Tap Baker With ‘Wacky’ COOKIE Recipes for Holidays

Photo: Reynolds Kitchen

A company is looking for a “Cookie Connoisseur,” who will create unique cookie recipes with “wacky” ingredients.

According to United Press International, the kitchen supply firm will pay the person $5,000.

Reynolds Kitchens announced that it will feature the recipes in the brand’s 21-day Cookie Countdown to 2021.

Interested? All you have to do is submit a cookie recipe that includes “an unexpected or wacky ingredient.”

That is on top of a 250-word description of why you would be perfect for the job and other pertinent documents.

“The holidays may be filled with some uncertainty, but baking cookies always brings joy,” said Lisa Smith, senior vice president.

All applicants should send their forms to [email protected] not later than Dec. 8.

Meanwhile, creators of Internet browser Opera will offer a $9,000 payday for someone who will just browse the Web for fun.

According to various reports online, the selected “Personal Browser” will spend two weeks performing online activities.

These include hunting for memes, watching cute baby animal videos and researching unusual topics.

The newly hired will do all of that while livestreaming the experience on Opera’s social media channels.

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