Cops Act as Shepherds to Capture Loose SHEEP

Cops Act as Shepherds to Capture Loose SHEEP

Photo: Provo Police Department

Police authorities in Utah, United States successfully captured a loose sheep that ran loose through a residential neighborhood.

According to news agency United Press International, they ended up acting as shepherds to capture the animal.

A resident summoned the officers to the scene to wrangle a sheep running loose in the Foothill Drive area.

The Provo Police Department said it immediately deployed personnel in the neighborhood.

After some minutes and several attempts, police officers were able to capture the loose animal.

A local resident helped them identify the sheep’s owner and they returned the animal to its home.

Meanwhile, an aoudad or a large wild sheep has escaped from Puerto Rico’s largest zoo, officials confirmed.

According to various news reports online, people are keeping their eye out for the animal.

The Dr. Juan A. Rivero Zoo said the aoudad escaped through a hole in a fence and has since been repeatedly spotted wandering.

Locals have nicknamed the animal Rayo Velaz, or “Fast Lightning,” due to his speedy running.

So far, no injuries have been reported from encounters with the wild sheep, except from a broken vehicle window.

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