Cops Fed Thief with Bananas, Laxative to EXCRETE GOLD Chain He Stole

Cops Fed Thief with Bananas, Laxative to EXCRETE GOLD Chain He Stole

Cops from India fed a thief with bananas and laxatives to excrete a gold chain he swallowed.

The incident happened when a gang of three men kidnapped a woman who owned the jewelry.

One of the suspects, Vijay, tried to snatch the woman’s gold chain. 

When they could not get it, they attacked the woman, causing her to fall to the ground.

Two bystanders rushed to help the woman and called the police.

The police then chased Vijay and his gang and trapped him in a narrow street.

However, he already swallowed the gold chain before they could arrest him.

The cops transported Vijay to KR Market police station. There, the inspector noticed that Vijay was in severe pain and asked his subordinates to bring him to the hospital.

Photo: Deccan Herald

Initially, the cops thought that the Vijay suffered injuries during the chase.

The thief also claimed that the stomach pain came from a bone he ingested.

However, the hospital’s X-ray scan revealed a metal object in his body.

The officers gave Vijay Enema laxative and bananas to help him get rid of the gold chain.

Eventually, the authorities retrieved the chain through the man’s feces.

The police also arrested Vijay’s associate, Sanjay, while the third accomplice is still on the run. 

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