Cops Rescue EXOTIC LIZARD Under Resident’s Trash Can

Cops Rescue EXOTIC LIZARD Under Resident’s Trash Can

Cops Rescue EXOTIC LIZARD Under Resident's Trash Can
Photo:  Nassau County Police

A woman in New York, with the help of cops, found a rare bearded dragon lizard under her garbage can at home.

According to United Press International, police authorities found the cold-blooded creature already catatonic when they arrived.

The officers then put the lizard into a container and carried it to their patrol car to give it some warmth.

After failing to find its owner, the cops contacted a local wildlife rehabilitation office which immediately agreed to treat the reptile.

The rehabilitator said the exotic lizard now appear well fed and in good health after the incident.

Photo:  Nassau County Police

The name “bearded dragon” refers to the beard of the dragon, which is at the underside of their throat.

Accordingly, it can change quickly to black if they reptiles are stressed or can see a potential rival.

Over in Madagascar, scientists found an elusive chameleon species last spotted 100 years ago.

According to various reports online, they since called it Voeltzkow’s chameleon.

Researchers from Madagascar and Germany conducted an expedition to the northwest of the African island nation.

There, they discovered several living specimens of the elusive Voeltzkow’s chameleon.

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