Coronavirus: Spreading Across the Globe and What You Need to Know

Coronavirus: Spreading Across the Globe and What You Need to Know

People are being alarmed when a new deadly virus enters Asia and some other parts of the world. What is it? It’s called “Coronavirus.”

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Right after the rumors of the “war” between the US and Iran just this month, and the wildfires in Australia, and the eruption of the Taal Volcano in the Philippines, Coronavirus our new problem.

But hey, what exactly is this Coronavirus and what is going on?

So this virus is originated in Wuhan, a Capital of Hubei Province in China.

The Chinese health officials said that and it’s actually started as a Phenomenon of Illness. For some unknown reasons, they haven’t figured it out yet.

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Furthermore, China reported these numbers growing back on the 30th of December, 2019.

And because of that, they informed the World Health Organization (WHO) about this unknown phenomenon.

Well, how would you think that a simple fever could turn to something like this? Well, who knows?

As a result, there were numbers of deaths from the virus Worldwide, A total of 41.

And the countries that were confirmed are China, Russia, the US, Japan, Australia, France, Thailand, UK, and Mexico.

It’s sad because if this keeps happening casualties will occur Worldwide.

So is this Virus harmless or harmful?

According to WHO, no one knows the symptoms yet however, they said that it can only jump between people who are in very close contact with each other. So this means, this virus can receive physically from the other person (who has it).

So how can I protect myself from getting this virus?

And speaking of this, since the virus is unknown yet, authorities suggested that always use safety precautions such as wearing a mask before going outside, always wash hands, have proper hygiene and stay indoors.