Couple Finds CROCODILE in Backyard Swimming Pool

Couple Finds CROCODILE in Backyard Swimming Pool

Photo: Storyful

A couple from South Africa discovered a 10-foot crocodile swimming laps in their backyard pool.

According to news agency United Press International, they immediately summoned wildlife trappers.

Angel Breytenbach said she spotted a large shape in the water that she soon recognized as a crocodile.

A video of the rescue shows the team using a lasso to fish the huge reptile out of the pool.

Officials said the crocodile likely became disoriented due to recent storms that may have driven it to venture out.

The animal rescuers asured the public that the operation did not injure the crocodile, which they will return to the wild.

Meanwhile, an angler in Australia accidentally hooked a giant crocodile while fishing.

According to reports, the man, named Trent de With, and his family went to a popular fishing spot near the town of Katherine.

There they witnessed an unusual incident that they will never forget in their entire lives.

De With shared a video of it wherein he struggles to get his lure back from the wild crocodile that refuses to let go.

The reptile leaps out of the water several times while holding tight onto the lure.

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