Couple HANDCUFF Themselves to ‘Fix Relationship’

Couple HANDCUFF Themselves to ‘Fix Relationship’

Couple HANDCUFF Themselves to ‘Fix Relationship’
Photo: Indian Express

Ukrainian couple who grew tired of arguing tried to handcuff themselves to fix their relationship. 

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According to Yahoo! News, the couple Alexandr Kudlay 33 and Viktoria Pustovitova, 28 decided to handcuff themselves to each other on valentine’s day. Since they’ve been documenting their experiences on social media.

Reports said the couple have been doing activities together. This includes their freshening up routine every morning, grocery shopping, and even in simple surfing the web. The couple are doing these activities for already three months, without having any personal space.

“In terms of physical comfort, with every day passing, we are getting used to it more and more. It gets easier,” Mr. Kudlay told Reuters.

He also said he came up with the handcuff idea when his girlfriend was trying to break up with him again. Mr. Kudlay said they used to break up once or twice a week.

But during another fight that he expected to lead to another breakup, he said: “Then I will attach you to myself.”

Ms. Pustovitova initially discarded the idea but eventually changed her mind. 

“I decided it will be an interesting experience for me, that it will bring into my life new bright emotions which I did not experience before,” she said.

Couple HANDCUFF Themselves to ‘Fix Relationship’
Photo: Yahoo! News

However, the couple admits that they still fight. 

“But when we approach a dead end and there is no understanding between us, we simply stop talking instead of packing up our things and walking away,” Mr. Kudlay shared.