COW Causes Traffic Disruption Along Georgia Highway

COW Causes Traffic Disruption Along Georgia Highway

Photo: ABC News

A cow that fell from a livestock trailer caused a traffic disruption along a highway in Georgia, United States.

According to news agency United Press International, the animal immediately went running on the roadway.

Soon enough, police officers received calls and the eventually responded to the scene of chaos.

They said a total of three lanes of traffic on Interstate 285 closed completely for about an hour.

Authorities and a witness chased after the loose bovine, which they safely recaptured and returned to its owner.

“Chasing people is a norm. However, chasing cows on the interstate… not so much,” Dunwoody Police Department said.

Meanwhile, a bull that escaped from a trailer blocked vehicle traffic along a bridge road in Australia.

According to various news reports, the animal apparently forced its way out of the truck while being transported.

The men working to transport it then chased after the animal and attempted to keep it from wandering.

But the bull already ended up blocking traffic on a nearby bridge before the men escorted it across the road.

Police officers eventually arrived on the scene to help the wranglers and assist on the traffic.

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