COYOTE Spotted Running Along Busy Highway

COYOTE Spotted Running Along Busy Highway

Photo: UPI

A woman commuter from Connecticut, United States a coyote running down the middle lane.

According to news agency United Press International, she captured a video of the unusual sight on the highway.

Tanika Campbell said she was on her way to her job in New Haven when she spotted the coyote.

In an interview, Campbell shared that it sprinted down the center lane of Interstate 95.

Campbell posted a video to Facebook showing the coyote running alongside her vehicle.

The coyote’s ultimate destination, and how it came to be running on the interstate, remain unknown.

Meanwhile, a herd of up to 20 horses went galloping loose on a busy highway after escaping from a paddock in South Africa.

According to various news reports online, the incident took place along the N2 highway in Umhlali.

Drivers on the road near Salt Rock on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast spotted the horses weaving through traffic.

Witnesses then posted video online showing the horses running in front of and alongside vehicles on the highway.

IPSS Medical Rescue then immediately sent units to the scene to find the horses had already safely exited the highway.

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