DANISH MAYFLY Named Europe’s 2021 Insect of The Year

DANISH MAYFLY Named Europe’s 2021 Insect of The Year

Photo: AP

The Danish mayfly has received the honor of 2021 Insect of the Year for a European zoological society.

According to news agency Associated Press, it only has a few days to fly, mate and then lay new eggs.

The Danish mayfly wings carry bold black spots and patterns reminiscent of stained glass.

“These animals are widely distributed in Europe,” said Thomas Schmitt, who chairs the award’s board of trustees.

The annual selection of a creepy crawler aims to tighten the connection between humans and insects.

Past Insects of the Year include the chirring European field cricket and the colorful red-tailed bumblebee.

Over in the United States, scientists plan to wipe out the first nest of the so-called “murder hornets.”

According to various reports, they found the the nest of Asian giant hornets in Blaine, Seattle near the Canadian border.

The insects pose harm as they can decimate entire hives of honeybees and deliver painful stings to people.

Farmers in the northwestern U.S. depend on honeybees to pollinate many crops, including raspberries and blueberries.

The hornets also kill at most a few dozen people a year in Asian countries, probably far less than other insects.

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