DAUGHTER of WFH mom goes VIRAL with hilarious impersonation video

DAUGHTER of WFH mom goes VIRAL with hilarious impersonation video

DAUGHTER of WFH mom goes VIRAL with hilarious impersonation video
Photo: India Today

An 8-year-old kid recently went viral for imitating her mother working from home due to the pandemic.

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According to India Today, Colleen Chulis shared the hilarious video of her daughter on LinkedIn in April. 

Thanks to her cuteness, Adelle got more than 5 million likes and 15 million views.

In the video, Adelle sits at her mother’s desk and pretends to work on her computer.

Shortly then, she pretends to pick up the phone and takes a notepad to write down notes.

She even donned a pair of professional-looking glasses to match her mother’s style.

Furthermore, Adelle also perfectly imitates her mother when her siblings suddenly enter the room!

How exactly? She hushes them down by whispering or snapping, just like her mom does it.

Unexpected response from other working parents

According to Chulis, Adelle probably just copies pretty much what she sees when her mother works.

“My eight-year-old daughter asked me last night if she could do an impression of me,” Chulis shared on LinkedIn.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect. This was the first and only take,” she continued.

At first, Chulis never thought of receiving such an exciting response from all over the world.

But then, three months later, the 1-minute-23-second video clip has since gone viral.

While most viral videos happen on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, Chulis tasted her 15-min fame on LinkedIn.

Photo: Pathways Consulting Group/Shutterstock

Hybrid workplaces are on the rise

Meanwhile, a lot of companies started adopting a ‘hybrid work’ approach for employees.

This means employees are no longer tied to tight 9-5 schedules at an office.

And for a lot of young professionals and parents, this encourages flexibility and mobility.

“COVID changed a lot of things this past year and this has been a lot of my reality,” Chulis explained.