Deceased HOARDER Leaves Behind $5M Treasure Trove

Deceased HOARDER Leaves Behind $5M Treasure Trove

Photo: BNPS

A deceased hoarder has left a treasure trove that could fetch over $5 million at auction.

According to British newspaper The Metro, the bachelor suddenly died earlier this year at the age of 44.

The 60,000-item hoard includes memorabilias, signed photos and historical letters, among others.

There are also thousands of vintage comics, rare books, chemistry sets, and brand new cameras and lenses.

In addition, the man had a collection of Russian and American space exploration items that include slides and photos.

The brother of the hoarder, who had no idea of the scale of the collection, called auctioneers to clear his three-bedroom house.

Photo: BNPS

It took a team of eight men in three vans over six weeks to empty the house of all the items.

Meanwhile, all 18 members of an auction house have spent the last four weeks unwrapping the packages.

They will sell the staggering collection, some of which are still in pristine condition, from Oct. 22 to 25.

Terry Woodcock of Unique Auctions said he has never seen anything like it in 50 years of working in the business.

“This collection is beyond belief. I met the man’s brother at the house and he was just as shocked as I was,” Woodcock said.

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