Delivery Man Loses Job after POOPING in Private Garden

Delivery Man Loses Job after POOPING in Private Garden

Photo: Sharon Smith

An Amazon delivery worker was stripped of his duties after he allegedly pooped in a woman’s back garden.

According to Oddee, Sharon Smith reportedly spotted the driver going to the garden on her property in Nottinghamshire, England.

Smith said she followed him into her yard because she believed he was trying to steal wood. There, she found the man defecating.

“I cannot express how shocked I was. I could not believe what I was seeing in this day and age,” said Smith.

Despite asking what the man was doing, the 53-year-old resident said he remained pooping while asking her what her problem was.

Disgusted and infuriated by his actions, Smith called the police.

Photo: Sharon Smith

The driver told the officers that he did not know the grounds were part of a private garden. Authorities did not file charges against him. The driver, however, lost his job.

“This does not reflect the high standards we have for our delivery partners,” an Amazon spokesperson explained.

Smith said the bigger problem is what the company expect their drivers to do for toilet breaks as people will be reluctant to let them in due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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