Depressed FISH Gets to Celebrate Birthday in Finland

Depressed FISH Gets to Celebrate Birthday in Finland

Photo: Oddee

The staff of a Finland aquarium threw a birthday party for a grumpy-faced grouper named Mikko.

According to online site Oddee, Mikko lives alone in a large tank without other fish to keep him company.

He became more still and distant When people stopped visiting him due to coronavirus restrictions.

Mikko’s caretakers noted that the already-solitary fish seemed listless and apathetic, though he remains physically healthy.

To cheer him up, they recently brought him a special treat to celebrate his 16th birthday: a salmon “cake.”

In a video, the birthday fish enthusiastically devoured the delicacy, and he did not have to share it with anyone.

Mikko arrived at the aquarium in 2007 as a hefty fish, measuring about 3 feet long and weighing about 35 lbs.

Accordingly, biologists have found out recently that fish do exhibit signs of depression just like humans.

Depressed zebrafish are withdrawn and lose interest in stimuli, much as people do when they are clinically depressed.

In experiments, zebrafish with those “symptoms” usually floated near the bottom of their tanks.

In comparison, “happy” fish in those experiments showed more activity and spent time close to the surface.

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