DEVIL Worshippers Clip Accidentally Interrupt TV News Broadcast

DEVIL Worshippers Clip Accidentally Interrupt TV News Broadcast

An Australian TV news program mistakenly aired a Satanic ritual during the report on a proposed law to protect police dogs. 

In the clip, the ABC News host talks about a new law that will punish offenders who harm police dogs.

A criminal on the chase stabbed a police dog last year. This event led lawmakers to impose stricter laws.

Photo: Australia ABC News

However, things quickly went astray as weird footage of men in black robes suddenly cuts off the broadcast.

In the accidental clip, a man standing behind an altar of Satanic and upside-down cross is leading a “dark mass.”

“Hail, Satan!” the man said as he lifts his arms.

The clip then flashes back to the newsroom.

Meanwhile, the host continued the report news as if nothing has happened.

People who saw the video joked about leaking the footage of the network’s behind the scenes.

“Cameras momentarily switched to the Break Room,” wrote one person. 

Others find it offensive.

“Seems literally impossible to believe that a video clip splice like that was accidental.”

“Why a network would even have that sort of video, to begin with?”

It turns out that the clip of Satanic worship was about the news of the Noosa Temple of Satan.

The cult is pushing Satanism as part of the educational curriculum in Queensland schools.

They said they wanted to do it so it would be illegal to discriminate against someone for religious reasons. 

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